Monday, 7 May 2012

Cycle of life, yada yada yada

For you diehard Stool fans who have been checking our blog with some regularity over the past two years, hoping against hope that something, anything might happen - well today is your day to rejoice. Oh yeh. Because it 's a brand new post. And given that I find myself in what can generously be referred to as a month long "career lull," I have a sneaking suspicion that there more be more of these here posts. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Instead, let's go back to those chili plants from two years ago - if you remember, several of our chilis suffered a grisly fate after a run-in with industrial strength fertilizer of death. However, since we here at Stool central are bonified scientists, we did what is known in some circles as a "control" - that is, not all of our plants were exposed to that noxious green stuff. The surviving plants went on to do quite well, and after some carefully tending, we did indeed reap what we sowed:

These red habanero chilis are dangerously delicious

 Hooray for growing things! Unfortunately, after our late summer harvest of 2011, we tried to put our beloved plants into hibernation phase over the winter. Which basically means pruning them back, and not giving them any water for a few months. This did not end well, and everything died. But hey, since the theme of this here post is new beginnings (or cycle of live, whatever), look what's going on in our kitchen as I write...
So wee

Coming soon - the mysteries of the Purple Tiger

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Alex said...

holy crap a post. Viva el Habanero!