Friday, 16 April 2010

holy crap

via. via our friends chris and danielle.

i hate to resubmerge our blog in the greasy morass of meat/bacon porn, but this picture was just too over-the-top to ignore.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Friday, 9 April 2010

Fun things in the mail!

Last week was a bit of a bumper crop for packages here at the Stool homestead.

First up, we received an awesome box from brothers and sisters in the states - sushi trays!
sweet-smelling goodies to make our skin smooth and radiant! hand-held video games so that we can practice our ninja skills!

The only hitch was that this package was intercepted by the lovely people at the German customs office - meaning that we had to go pick it up at the dread Zollamt. Otherwise known as one of the most soul-destroying locations on the planet. Upon arriving there, you get a fantastic little ticket:and maybe think to yourself - "this won't be so bad. Certainly the Germans, with their well-founded reputation for efficiency, will have optimized this process." Over three hours later, you realize just how wrong a person can be. But hey, three hours of my life is a small price to pay for a box of awesome gifts. So hooray!

On the very same day as the Zollamt adventure, we also got the fantastic new cookbook assembled and written in part by our good friend Kiyo!

I think that the cover really says it all. Cooking eafood has been a bit of the final frontier for us here in Berlin - mainly because it's not super easy to obtain high-quality fish, not to mention shellfish. But hey, now that we have a book chock full of yummy recipes, it is on. Gravlox here we come!