Saturday, 23 August 2008


We just watched a very lean German woman with improbably high knee socks knock off the bar in the high jump competion.

Moving along, here are some pictures of tacos:

The scene of the crime - taqueria #3 in Ellensburg, WA

They serve a lot of crazy stuff here - tongue, brain, tripe - but thinking ahead, and wishing to avoid food poisoning (which plagued my last trip to Seattle) I went for the spicy pork. Because people never get sick from eating that.

I'm not throwing up. Yet.

And to show off the magnificent macro capabilities of our new camera, check out the close-up. You can almost see the salmonella waving at you.

Look at the size of that radish!

Seriously though, the food was delicious and there were no stomach problems at all. We saved that for the huevos rancheros. Which is a story for another day...

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Dum Dee Dum II

We've been working very hard at being the laziest bloggers ever. In fact, if there was
some sort of Olympic category for that we would be standing on top of the podium, biting that
gold medal with tears streaming down our cheeks.

Oh well. The Olympics are almost over (go Great Britain??) so it's time to get on with it all.

Here are things that have been happening in no particular order:
- Fantasy Film Fest in Berlin: awesome assortment of sci-fi, horror, and thriller movies, all in
English (or subtitled in English) accompanied by buckets of popcorn. We saw Afro Samurai (Sammy Jackson, not surprisingly, makes a bad-ass samurai), Mad Detective (and you thought cops were crazy in the US), and Outlander (Who doesn't like a sci-fi Viking epic?)

- We got a cleaning lady. The upshot of which is that I can sit on my couch and post on the blog while our bathroom magically cleans itself. This situation has leapt into contention for one of the best things of all time.

- We just bought 4 lbs of wild board meat yesterday. So if anyone happens to be traipsing through Berlin, let us know and maybe we can organize a good old-fashioned pig roast. Yeeha!

- And we went on a massive trip through the US of A. There were many highlights, including introducing ourselves to our newest nephew (Jack-Attack!), eating tacos from a taqueria, and visiting a dinosaur dig site. However, one of the best bits was driving in a remarkably fuel-efficient car from Denver to Seattle. We saw a lot of this:

Broken up with stuff like this:

Lord love a road trip.

I'm off to try and find a job in Berlin. Maybe I'll post more while our floor is vacuuming itself.