Friday, 27 November 2009

Saturday, 21 November 2009

music and cholesterol

We haven't posted any food pictures in a while, so here you go. This little concoction has many recorded names - our favorite is probably the "one-eyed egyptian sandwich." That said, around these parts (ie, our apartment) it is known exclusively as a "pirate in the hold." The ship on the right is armed with sausage cannons.

the only real events of note, aside from it being Lebkuchen season, is the ridiculous abundance of concerts at the moment. Berlin has a fairly good music scene, although it tends to come in spurts. We are now mid-spurt. Last week was Grizzly Bear, who were awesome. Not much more to say, other than we also got to learn about the autoharp over the course of their set, which was cool. More interesting, at least from a blogging perspective, was the opening act St. Vincent, who in addition to rawking, inspired a number of hilarious comparisons: "the artist formerly known as the female prince," "indie-rock björk," "mary timony with a perm," and something else involving mark knopfler. Monday was Do Make Say Think, who had moments of brilliance, and got bonus points for having four trumpets on stage at once. However they sounded a bit muddled at times, perhaps because there were 9 people crammed onto a very small stage. Next up: Yo La Tengo on Monday, followed by Great Lakes Swimmers on Tuesday.

I'm off to watch Liverpool try and repair an absolutely dismal run of football. Will they beat Man. City? Will they?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

belated halloween spirit

Kate was recently away in Chicago for a week-long neurobiology conference (which she'll tell you all about). I tried to make the most of her absence by spreading out 15 years of photos across our living room, making a massive mess in the process. The master plan being to organize, scan, and back-up everything.

It was an audacious plan. And while some level of organization was achieved (instead of one big box, there are now 8 piles), the scanning and backing-up remains a bit of a pipe-dream. But hey, in the process I found this gem from a Halloween long ago.
I'm particularly fond of the rope belt/shoe combo that I'm sporting.