Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Tribe in Berlin

Our last post didn't seem to spark much interest - was it the cackling? The Enland bashing?
Or just the stupid video?

Anyhoo, here's a little discovery I made while exiting our former neighborhood hippy food store.

It would seem that there's at least one other Cleveland Indian (aka the baseball team from my home town) fan in Berlin. I wonder if they're as disappointed as I am that they have lost their last FIVE games - including three to the Cincinnati Reds, their supposed in-state rivals.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

Ausländer + Too Much Beer = Late Night Indoor Cricket

Behold one of the sillier moments from Ausländertag:

The cackling batsmen is yours truly.

And yes, the English do seem to perform better at this form of cricket than they do at the outdoor, sober, international level.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hi everyone. We're back. For now at least.

I don't really know where to start.

For our friends birthday several weeks ago, we went to a Russian supermarket and sat in a funny tent in front of the store. There was a very large woman there, wearing a fur vest who served us a lot of pork. Periodically, someone would get up, go into the store, and return carrying many bottles of russian beer. The flavor was nothing extraordinary, but the labels were cool. For example:

I've been "hanging out" in Dresden a lot recently. Which basically involves moonlighting at my former job at the MPI in pursuit of scientific greatness. Elusive thing, that. One of the many changes in Dresden has been the grand opening of a pretty cool restaurant called "Hell's Kitchen" (so they're not very original). They serve a mean burger (veggie and otherwise), fantastic tofu and something that is called the CRISPY CHICKEN TOWER. I've eaten about four of these bad boys in the last two months, and kept trying to snap a photo of one. Unfortunately, the flash on my phone was broken and the pictures always looked crappy. But no longer!! Behold...

That's right. Two breaded chicken patties. Two Kartoffelrösti. Cheese. Assorted veggies. And a fried egg. Needless to say, the bun melts about 30 seconds after it arrives at the table, leaving one with a big frickin' mess. But it tastes sooooo good.

Next post: Ausländertag!!

UPDATE: Oh, but I almost forgot. The genome of the platypus, (AKA Schnabeltier) has been sequenced! This article only reaffirms my long-held belief that platypi are the coolest animals evar. 10 sex chromosomes? Heck yeh! And by extension, my platypus tattoo is now even more awesomer than it was before.