Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Friday, 1 February 2008


In keeping with our well established tradition of only posting photos of stuff months after the fact, I give you fishing in Tasmania:
Obviously this is Jeff looking dashing in sun gear and a life jacket, but behind him is Bob Mackinley- fishing guide extraordinaire, and a man inclined to call the french "frogs"

Speaking of which where did the french guy go? haven't heard from him in a while

Jeff hooked the first fish- a monster big Brown trout that managed to break the line and get away- about 5 seconds after this photo was taken

Kate's rainbow trout- look at that beauty

This is the "after" shot of the rainbow trout- I must say I was a little disappointed at how he tasted- could have been better

Oh yeah- that's fish number 2 - this time a brown

that i kindly let jeff clean for me- we couldn't eat it so Bob Mackinley promised to give it to his next door neighbour, who happens to be David Boon- which will make absolutely no sense to anyone not from a cricketing nation. A man known, not only for cricketing prowess, but also his amazing capacity to drink beer