Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Yes, we have been very lazy about updating our blog lately. As you'll read below, things have become increasingly hectic as the Beard and Moustache Championship approaches. Dry cleaning needed to be picked up. Buttons had to be sewn. The proper headband/shirt combo had to be found. And it's not like we live in France where you only need to work four hours a day. So yes, things have been busy. But we're back again. And many more photos will magically appear after we return from Brighton.

Gold medal here I come!

Well, the beard and moustache championship is almost upon us and preparations have hit a fever pitch. After a two hour salon session today, I think the beard is looking in top form. Now all that's left are a couple of critical decisions. For example: Do I wear a head band?

or funny glasses?

And perhaps more importantly, what will I eat first when arriving in England? Curry? Fish n' chips? or bangers?

As always, opinions should be left in the comment section.