Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Science = Purty

The wonderful world of science has been a tad stressful recently.

One could even say that I've been having a hard time finding the fun in it all.

But then you collect images like this and everything seems a little bit better.

Now if only it would stop snowing.

Super duper award points (ie, beer) for anyone who can provide a reasonable guess at what this is. And don't look at the file name - it's not "laminin"

Monday, 10 March 2008

The Elder Statespeople of Cool

We've been spending a lot of time reading this website lately:

I particularly enjoyed these two posts:

#80 - the idea of soccer
#84 - t-shirts

And here's a picture of the banjo that Kate got me for Christmas. Next to our giant inflatable dinosaur.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


So there's this really fun strike going on in Berlin right now. No subway, buses, or trams are
running until further notice. What makes it funny is that the first day of this strike was yesterday. Which just happened to coincide with the first real snow of the year. Coincidence?

This situation will become even more interesting on Monday, when the German train system plans to begin a strike of their own. Which means that there won't even be any commuter rail service (which both Kate and I require to get to work). We'll be living in a city of 3 million people with absolutely no public transportation. And both of these strikes are open-ended, so no one has any clue when this will end.

(Oh - in the interests of full disclosure, this photo was not taken from either of us, but ripped from the Spiegel site. However, I do bike past this stop every day, so I felt justified in putting it up.)