Sunday, 16 August 2009

dum dee dum

It's a lazy sunday here in Berlin; so in lieu of writing anything real, here's a picture of me eating a hot dog in Copenhagen.

UPDATE: Warning! Bad and/or scary things will happen if you enlarge this photo. So don't click on it!

The danes do enjoy their hot dogs - perhaps explaining this:

In other news, the Premier League started up yesterday, and the Stools have made their first ever foray into the world of fantasy sports. My team is called "the chops," while kate's is "now that's mediocre." As you can see, expectations are low.

Is anyone else surprised that the Indians have begun playing reasonable baseball again? It just befuddles the mind.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Is anyone still out there? Are ya'll sick of staring at the French flag? We'll be back in action soon. Maybe even within the day. We don't even have a proper excuse for our two-month absence. Not that we need one of course.

Until we do a proper post, here's a quick tribute to the current state of the Cleveland Indians:

I suspect that Indian's games would be much more entertaining if everyone had to play with a cup of beer in one hand.

Update: oh, and what the hell is up with the Chicago Cubs? I think I owe someone some cake!!

Important question update:

Dear blog friends,

What would you say to a Queen laser light show at your local planetarium? Yay or nay?
And yes, I mean this Queen...