Thursday, 28 May 2009

Testimonials sought

Dear blog people,

My good friend Sally - who does comment here, and with whom I attended a Grateful Dead show in 1995 - is considering spending some of her summer vacation in Berlin. Maybe you readers who have previously basked in the Stool hospitality (I'm looking at you Alex and Douglas) would care to share your thoughts on what we can provide potential guests. Huevos rancheros have been mentioned. The usefulness of the magic stove lamp as a sobriety test has been debated. But I'm sure that there's more.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

the elbow!

the only positive to have come out of my two recent encounters with bone fractures are the crazy-ass images. the surgery went well on monday - no screws were required, and they just
jammed the fragment back into place with a large needle. here's the picture:


please note the surgeon's hand gently cradling my arm as i lie in an anesthetized stupor.

i was only in hospital for two days, which wasn't so bad. particularly since i acquired several seasons of crap american tv shows. now i'm at home, eating bowls of thai green curry (the official comfort food of the pooles - thanks kate!) and swaddling my arm in frozen peas. oh, and no cast!

Friday, 8 May 2009

1.4 mm of pure suck

so it turns out that my elbow is broken. woo hoo! a very small fracture, 1.4 mm to be exact, but enough that the bones aren't lining up properly. if i'm lucky, they can push it back in through the skin with a needle. if i'm unlucky, i get opened up and everything gets reattached with screws. sound familiar? either way, it's hospital food for jeff come monday.

astrochimp stories will have to wait a bit.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

here we go again...

we didn't forget we had a blog, we were just willfully negligent in taking care of it. and people still think we should have kids. so let's get this party started! baseball:

that about sums that up. both in terms of culturally insensitive logos and playing ability. all of the ex-cubs in the universe, could not pull this team out of their current depths.

in happier news we went to barcelona a while back, where people (wisely) choose to ignore the cleveland indians and focus instead on making delicious donuts - or buyons (not bunyons - ewww). behold:

anticipating the donut-consuming power of the stools, our hotel were kind enough to provide us with an exercise bike. i availed myself (at least long enough to take a photo),

while kate basked in a siesta wonderland:

whew. my blogging juices are spent. we'll be better. promise. particularly since i'm guaranteed at least one more day of state-required sick leave. i banged up my elbow (non-robot arm) falling off my bike on tuesday, and it's still all sorts of gimpy (typing with one hand = no caps). it's not broken- it just hurts and doesn't want to bend. i got a mri today (holy high-resolution imaging of my elbow batman!) and go back to the dr tomorrow. hmmm. if a 2nd piece of metal is required i'm going to be well-pissed. but i'd probably end up blogging more.

at any rate, upcoming topics include ham the astro-chimp, babies and brothers coming to visit, plus trevor 2: electric boogaloo.