Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Photoshop was not used anywhere in this post

We're back! Many tales to tell and a few pictures to share. I'm feeling oddly committed to temporal order at the moment, so for now you'll have to content yourself with some pictures of where we spent our outbound layover in Heathrow. The Pod!

It was essentially a cubicle with a bathroom (including shower), a foldable bed, a tv and wireless. Which is all fine and good. But the best part was the door which shut out all of idiots who run around in airports. 4 hours for 40 pounds? Worth every penny (or pence actually)

It also came with a dazzling array of light settings. This crazy blue look, in addition to adding to the podness of it all, was labelled with a mini-cartoon of two pairs of feet perilously close together. We dubbed it "sexy-time" lighting, although I reckon that David Cronenberg is the only person on the planet who would even consider getting it on under these conditions.