Tuesday, 12 June 2007

The grill works

With the exception of the toast, all of this food was cooked on our fantastic new grill (Thanks kevin and gaby!). It's not a burger (duh), but it was delicious. Next time we will optimize the coal placement, purchase some proper fracking lighter fluid, and manage a nice medium rare roast. Until then, we're just going to wait for some bird poo to land on our window.


A bird shat on our window in epic fashion last week. First, take note of the impressive splatter effect. Second, be aware that our window is recessed in about 1.5 feet from the roof. It was either very windy or some bird executed a textbook dive bombing maneuver.

From this perspective it looks like the poo spatter is a giant monster eating a nearby building (the slightly famous Berliner Verlag tower).

The shit stain has remained on our window for about three weeks now. We're thinking about holding a vigil until Mom or Mum comes back to Berlin.

Know the enemy

Which in this case is pollen.

The word for it in German is Heuschnupfen. And it ain't fun. Jeff was crippled in March. And now Kate is sneezing like a mini snot tornado. Where are the gut parasites when you need them?

An oldie but a goodie

When our friends Scott and Dawnnica came to Berlin we took them to one of our favorite off-the-beaten-path tourist spots deep in the heart of East Berlin (Treptower Park for those who care). It's basically a Soviet WWII memorial, but that doesn't begin to do it justice. This, my friends, is propaganda at is finest. Check it out...

No more words need to be said.