Saturday, 27 March 2010

a quickie

We haven't posted any food pictures in a bit - here's one from this past Thanksgiving, featuring the critical first step in the making of our "triple sausage assault" stuffing. That's right, three different kinds of sausage in ONE stuffing.

And here's one of me, many hours after the turkey came out of the oven. Looking skeptical about something. I have no idea what.

Coming soon: A story about a spoon.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

a great year for pies

Hi blog friends.

Yesterday was our four-year wedding anniversary - hooray! We don't really go for the more traditional anniversary events - year one was the tatoo anniversary, followed by schnitzel, then donuts last year. This year started out as the sushi anniversary, but was quickly redubbed the scotch and soda anniversary after a trip to a nearby bar. oof. We also avoid the whole concept of "anniversary photos" like the plague. But it seems like something a little cheesy is in order, so here's a photo of us on a gorgeous australian beach.

Given the fact that it is still ass-cold in berlin, this photo is more than a little heart-wrenching.

In other news, I was in Denver last week, hanging out with my brother and his family. Fun times all around, in particular since the last time I saw our nephew Jack, he was just a little fleshy bundle who didn't do much besides drink formula and sleep. He was much more interactive this time and we partied pretty hard. In a well-intentioned attempt to introduce him to some Australian traditions, I decided to do my best imitation of an authentic meat pie. Because we Stools do love our meat pies. Exhibit A:

Jack was not quite so excited:

Consider my spastic giggling in the background an added bonus.